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Rainbow Reusable Gift Wrapping Kit


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Make people smile with every gift wrap when you use the Rainbow Reusable Gift Wrapping Kit! This kit is filled with beautiful, rainbow-colored linens, ribbons, tags, and clips that make it easy to turn any present into something special. Talk about taking your gift wrapping game up a notch! Plus, it's reusable so you can use the same supplies year after year.

And the best part? You can add an extra touch of joy to each gift with gorgeous butterfly punchies in an array of colors! In just a few moments you can bring some extra magic and sparkle to any birthday or holiday with these eye-catching accessories.

When you want to show that special someone how much they mean to you this season, wrap up their gifts in style with this reusable kits! The Rainbow Gift Wrapping Kit takes gift wrapping from a chore to a joyful experience that everyone can enjoy.

Each gift wrapping kit includes:

  • Cami Monet Butterfly Punchies
  • Assortment of clips and tags in primary colors
  • Multiple spools of gorgeous yarns, ribbons and linens
  • Perfectly packaged in a pink gift box for storing & reusing