Seven Swans a Sipping Cocktail Napkin Set


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Do you enjoy your cocktail with a side of pun? Introducing Seven Swans a Sipping: Our 12 Days of Christmas Cocktail Napkin Set

This holiday season, elevate your parties with our fun Christmas Cocktail Napkin Set. These embroidered napkins are more than just table accessories. They are an embodiment of the season's enchantment, bringing a touch of sophistication and joy to your celebrations.

Crafted for Holiday Magic
Made from linen, these napkins are designed to provide both beauty and functionality. Additionally, each napkin is carefully embroidered with delightful 'Seven Swans a Sipping'. Therefore capturing the spirit of the Christmas season in whimsical detail.


-Set of 4 white linen hemstitched napkins
-Each napkin measures 6x6
-Embroidered in hot pink thread
-Made in the USA